New York Summit 2017
November 1-2 | ArtBeam



“We are living a time of total disruption in almost every industry, from retail, media to everything, and the change in how people are getting information is reconfiguring industries and through all of that we have to talk, because we don’t know what to do, so it’s bringing people together to understand how we are coping and evolving that is really important and that’s what this event does.”


Troy Young, President, Hearst Magazines Digital Media



“It’s really a place where you are seeing the harmonisation and the synchronicity of fashion and tech, and it is a great place to discover those emerging entrepreneurs. Brands, retailers, designers are coming together, it is a unique space for doing that.”


Uri Minkoff, Co-founder & CEO, Rebecca Minkoff



“I think Decoded Fashion is an extremely important event to bring together the fashion and tech communities. It’s a chance for people from Silicon Valley, from London and Paris to all come together and really find common ground and see how we can work together to collectively drive our industries forward.”


Lisa Green, Head of Industry for Fashion and Luxury, Google



“At Decoded Fashion there is a sense of selection and editing of who are the great startups and what is interesting and why, so I think it is a great opportunity for us to get to see what’s innovative in a way that could make sense for the Fashion industry.”


Marie Audier, SVP of Global & North America Marketing, Coach



“I think it’s important to any brand, any designer to be involved in some type of tech space because we need each other, we kind of balance of one another. It’s so interesting now, more so than ever, to see how we both function with each other. Tech brands need brands to be involved with their product and we need them to have the functionality, so it’s like going hand in hand which is great.”


Christian Siriano, Designer, Christian Siriano



“This is my second time at Decoded Fashion, we are committed at Kate Spade to new technologies, to innovation in the digital space and everyone who turns up to Decoded Fashion shares a similar mindset: they want to further their efforts in digital technologies, they want to learn new things and they are curious, so it’s a great environment to be in.”


“I think events like Decoded Fashion are incredibly important to bring like-minded people together, both to hear and inspiring talks and panels, but also to meet one another and connect.”


Mary Beech, Chief Marketing Officer, Kate Spade & Company



“Events like this are so important, the fashion community is really tight-knit, the tech community is trying to break in, so any time you can get fashion and tech people who are change makers in one area and one space, I think a lot of good conversations and a lot of progress can be made.”


“The FROW is super valuable for startups because you get instant feedback on your idea from people who have been in the industry for a long time.”


Rian Buckley, CEO & Co-founder, Fitcode



“Decoded Fashion is a fantastic conference, it is always focused on the latest trends in technology and consumers’ shopping habits and I was always drawn to getting up to speed with what the new and the next are going to be. As a marketer I am having an opportunity to connect with players who are both in technology, fashion and in the consumer space and this is essential to really understand where the emerging trends are coming from. The level of connection of the people who are here, whether they are coming from fashion or technology, is incredibly high, you do really have the best influencers. The audience attending our panel was really engaged about the subject matter and asked terrific questions.’


Carla Dunham, VP of Marketing, Equinox



“Events of this nature are key, because there are lots of events going on whether it is in the tech space, whether it is in the fashion space or in the publication space, but Decoded Fashion is able to bring everyone together and they are very much content driven, and about materials, vendors, brands, retailers and publications. It helps to fuel the conversation and the engagement and ultimately it is going to add transparency to the business, because we sometimes talk to ourselves but we need to be able to communicate with the greater public and our management team.”


Jue Wong, President, Elizabeth Arden Brand



“I love the Fashion space, I think that some of the most creative people work in that industry and it gives us a lot for what we want to do in the next year and it pushes us a lot as media seeing what people are doing creatively and working to amplify that. So here, at Decoded Fashion, is where the smart people are approaching challenges and are trying to telling story with lot of emotion which is how fashion, advertising and fashion storytelling work. I’m so excited to learn about that.”


Julie Logan, Director Brand Strategy, Giphy



“The best thing about Decoded Fashion is the community coming together and sharing ideas. It’s a very open and collaborative space, also the exposure that you get, the access that you get to all kinds of people, brands, levels, technology and new ideas.”


Kim Schneider, Senior Director Global Technology Solutions, Avery Dennison RBIS



“I thought roundtables worked tremendously super well, we had a group of eight people that were very much interested in wearable technologies, which is what we do, what we want to talk about, so it was a good way to actually identify who is actually interested in us rather than having a network across everyone and find it out myself.”


“Especially at this stage of the industry that’s emerging, I think the most important thing going on right now is education of both sides. Tech needs to learn how fashion operates and fashion is learning how tech operates. As these two things never interacted before, an education is really the kind of the phase of the industry right now. Forums such as Decoded Fashion, where both sides can come together and discuss are incredibly important.”


David Monteith, Director Fashion & Apparel, Flextronics



“I always been a fan of Decoded Fashion, I think there are very interesting things happening at the intersection between technology and fashion, and there is even more between beauty and technology and the roster of brands and companies you have here is really tremendous.”


“I really loved the Mentorship Hub. It has been incredible meeting these inspiring brands and companies, they really acted as a resource and they gave us the tools to listen to our consumers, so we can deliver a better packaging and message”


Kelle Jacobs, ‎Global Marketing and Brand Development, Estée Lauder



“I think events as Decoded Fashion are really important because it really speaks to the specific needs of the industry. You can go to a tech conference or to a tech panel but you are not going to learn how that can be translated for your industry or for your brand.”

“For me it’s about how people can learn from each other: how do fashion brands learn from beauty brands, how do beauty brands learn from tech brands, how do beauty brands learn from platforms as well as media and analytics. All of these things really need to function in totality and together and it’s really great seeing people coming together and collaborating versus working in silos.”


Christine White, Executive Director Digital Communications and Media, NARS Cosmetics



“We have been involved in Decoded Fashion for the last five years, we spoke at the very first summit in New York in 2011 and we have been involved in various capacities ever since. This year, in particular, Decoded Fashion is grabbing the attention of senior, significant people in the Fashion industry, the ones who pay attention to what’s happening in the Tech world to see how they can use it and leverage to see some returns on investments.”


“This is absolutely paramount for our business, because our biggest users based are fashion and actually it’s great to see Decoded Beauty here today. I really hope it will continue as it’s really important for our business to stay with Decoded Fashion and grow with Decoded Fashion and still start to meet new people, new users, new clients that can use our technologies for the next few years.”


Steve Callanan, CEO and Co-founder, WIREWAX



“Curalate is a huge partner of Decoded Fashion, we are happy to partner with it and we want to continue to work with Decoded, I really like the brands that you work with, that you represent and bring to the event.”


“I think it is so important that Decoded Fashion brings out all the Fashion brands together because there is so much synergy and there are so many possible partnerships there. It brings fashion and technology together and it shortens the gap between discovery and conversion for a lot of these fashion brands.”


“We think it has been really helpful and impactful because lot of the brands that are represented here are actually clients: being able to see them face to face and get more tied in with them, as well as to meet other teams and organizations, and of course talking to tops brands globally and being able to meet them here and having a conversation.”


Belinda Chan, ‎Team Lead Client Success, Curalate



“At Decoded Fashion so many things get discussed, you get a sense of innovation, ways in which people are pioneering new technologies across fashion today. One of my favourite takeaways of today’s session was the fact that at the end of the day, in the nature of the internet, we are all in the business of entertaining now, whether you’re a brand or any commerce side, we are all in the business of entertaining which means that we have to look how are we building up a treasure of content in our brand umbrella and how we are deploying it effectively whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.”


Alexis Maybank, Founder and CEO, Project September