New York Summit 2016
237 Park Avenue, November 1-2


“Simply get involved with Decoded Fashion. I don’t think you’ll find another organisation that brings together the industry, the entrepreneurs and the right mindset.”


William Kim, CEO, AllSaints



“The Decoded Fashion Summit is the epicenter of fashion and technology. These two industries are defining culture, so to bring them together can be very powerful. Some of the most successful things we have done at Tinder have been with the fashion industry and this event is a way for us to have the conversations necessary to drive those deals forward and work with brands we otherwise might never have been able to meet.”


Phil Schwarz, CMO, Tinder



“Being part of such a big company, this event is important to us for pushing technology forward and for us to see ideas that are outside of our comfort zone. This is the one thing that really excited us.”


Maxwell Osborne, Creative Director, DKNY



“Being part of Decoded Fashion is a really great opportunity to work with thinkers across the industries. With a unique cross-industry perspective, it’s one of the first events of it’s kind and a great way to exchange some amazing ideas.”


Grant Barth, Chief Merchandizing Officer, Levis Strauss & Co



“The roster of people that are brought together; the talent, business people, creatives, all minds coming together to discuss real issues is what makes the event so special.”


Daniel Habashi, Directory of Brand Development, Instagram 



“I have been to several conferences before that are either focused on tech or focused on fashion and the Decoded Fashion Summit has been so successful in being able to talk about both and bring together great brands and speakers.”


Philip Nguyen, Director of e-Commerce, Opening Ceremony



“For us, the Summit gives us a new way to look at things; we want to be more inclusive, more collaborative. DKNY has been around for 25+ years and getting other people involved is definitely the spirit we want to promote.”


Dao-Yi Chow, Creative Director, DKNY



“I come from a fairly established brand and the Decoded Fashion Summit is a great opportunity for me to meet lots of exciting startups and it’s the mixture of fashion and tech attendees that make the event so unique.”


Karem Atasoy, Head of Digital, Harvey Nichols



“You get a wide range of conversations at the Summit; from practitioners within fashion and tech, interesting startup companies, engaging students, as well as people who are in the VC space.”


Mathew Woolsey, Executive Vice President, Digital, Barney’s New York



“We have already participated in previous Decoded Fashion Summits and we thought it was stimulating and interesting and the right place for us to show what is happening in the sourcing and production side of fashion. It’s a great learning experience for us and an opportunity to be challenged by the game changers who attend.”


Daniel Winteler, CEO, Miroglio Group



“We want to be amongst the top fashion brands in the world, so we had to be at the Decoded Fashion Summit. Getting the feedback from companies here is fundamental for Olapic to help solve the challenges brands are experiencing. It provides the opportunity to have very close communication with potential customers and is very valuable for us in making future decisions.”


Pau Sabria, Co-Founder & CEO, Olapic



“I love the curation of the companies that are here. The event keeps a very nice aesthetic and caliber of brands. It’s a wide range of people that we get to meet, everyone from the CMO and the digital and marketing side to the entrepreneurs and those promoting wearables, many of which have implied we should explore partnerships with our product.”


Shaz Sedighzadeh, CEO, Looklist



“Decoded Fashion is the only place where we would possible launch a new product because it is the only conference which tackles both fashion and technology and brings these worlds together. The landscape of fashion has completely changed over the past 2 years and I think Decoded Fashion are largely responsible for that.”


Deborah Park, VP of Business Development, CLO Virtual Fashion



“The Summit is edgy, fast-paced, the diversity of the topics is excellent, the quality of the insight is second-to-none and frankly, it’s the place to discover and be discovered.”


John Cadillier, Co-Founder, Hikitag