New York Summit 2017
Oct 31 - Nov 1
Exploring the death of retail (as we know it): Demystifying data; continued connectivity; the personal touch + content creation unleashed

2016 Attendees Included

Bill McInnis

Head of Reebok Future, Reebok

Bill McInnis is the Head of Reebok’s Future Team. He is responsible for the concept,
design, and development of Reebok footwear on a three-five year timeline ahead of
current day production. This includes the positioning of technology with a focus on
consumer benefit, function and price. He was appointed to this role in 2015.

Yael Aflalo

CEO & Founder, Reformation

Yael Aflalo is the CEO and founder of Reformation, a revolutionary lifestyle brand that utilizes sustainable fabrics and practices to create cool and feminine limited-edition collections. Reformation offers stylish eco-conscious garments, proving that fashion and sustainability can co-exist beautifully. Yael is dedicated to transforming current harmful retail practices by leading a sustainable revolution in the fashion industry.

Tracy Sun

Co-Founder & VP of Merchandising, Poshmark

Tracy Sun is co-founder and VP of merchandising at Poshmark, the largest social marketplace for fashion. Tracy brings deep experience in fashion with 10+ years in the industry leading initiatives ranging from the launch of fashion lines to designing data-driven personalization engines. She received her BA from Barnard College, Columbia University and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Dominique Essig

Chief Experience Officer, Bonobos

Essig is responsible for overseeing the product management, UX design,
engineering, data science, IT, analytics and insights, and customer service ninjas
functions. In her current role she is responsible for Bonobos’ digital product
strategy and implementation across the brand’s e-commerce platforms while

ensuring the customer experience is positive and consistent at every touch point.

Rachel Blumenthal

Founder, Rockets of Awesome

New York-based entrepreneur and mom Rachel Blumenthal created Rockets of Awesome, which launched last July, to offer parents a simpler and smarter way to shop for high-quality kids clothing. She began her career at Yves Saint Laurent, before launching her first entrepreneurial venture as designer and founder of the fashion jewelry brand Rachel Leigh.

Lisa Green

Head of Industry, Fashion & Luxury Brands, Google

Lisa's team brings a strategic blend of insights and digital solutions to the fashion industry to help them build brands and drive business online. Joining Google in 2005, Lisa has held a variety of positions, always with a focus on global brand building. She was a founding member of Google's Agency Development Team, launched the Campaigns & Elections Team, and has been the recipient of numerous awards.

Fay Cowan

Brand & Content Director, Decoded Fashion & Beauty

As creative lead of strategy and programming, Fay has been a driving force behind the global expansion of Decoded Fashion, making it the industry’s go-to events series for fashion, technology and innovation.